Back to Basics: Top 10 SEO Terminology to Wrap Your Head Around

Back to Basics: Top 10 SEO Terminology to Wrap Your Head Around

Typical SEO jargon may sound foreign to anyone not familiar with this industry and its inner workings. We’ve compiled a shortlist of the basic SEO terminology anyone should who has a web presence should know.

#1 SEO (search engine optimization)

SEO refers to the practice of leveraging a website in such a manner that search engines pick it up and rank it higher than websites with no or low-quality SEO.

#2 PPC (pay per click)

The practice of placing ads and paying for each click the ad generates.

#3 Keyword

Can be a phrase as well – refers to the key or main concept or word that users type in search engines.

#4 Content

Can refer to text or copy and refers to the actual words in the form of articles that appear on websites.

#5 Blog

A site that features articles based on a certain theme. Usually, articles or content pieces are organized chronologically.

#6 Algorithm

Search engine employ algorithms (programs) to help to determine what should feature when users search a certain query.

#7 Affiliate

A type of advertising where a certain website promotes the products or services of another and charges a commission for sales made by said site.

#8 SERP (search engine results page)

The page that shows all the results of a certain keyword or phrase searched by users, for example, Google.

#9 SMM (social media marketing)

The marketing of products and services by means of advertising via social media platforms such as Instagram or Facebook.

#10 Metric

A measurement used in analytics to measure the performance of digital advertising or SEO efforts.

Did you recognize any of the terms defined in our list above? Did we leave any of the basic terms out that you wish to be included here? Let us know which concept it is you are struggling with and we’ll guide you through it!