5 SEO Traps to Avoid at All Cost

5 SEO Traps to Avoid at All Cost

Getting your SEO shipshape is probably one of the most important things you can do to get your business ranking high on search engine results pages. But how do you get there? Why by employing best SEO practices of course! But, what is bad SEO practices then? And what should you avoid if you want to rank high? In this list, we look at things you should avoid when it comes to SEO and higher rankings.

1. Having a site that is not responsive

Your website should be accessible via any device at any time, without jeopardizing user experience. If your site is not geared towards all users, including mobile users, you are definitely going to lose a couple of points right here.

2. A website with bad user experience design

If you do not employ user experience when designing your site, your in for trouble. Sites with no or low user experience rank very low.

3. User engagement that is non-existent

If you are not getting any traffic at all, with no engagement from users, it is very bad for your SEO efforts and will definitely push your site’s ranking down. Make sure users find your site engaging and spend some time before dropping off completely.

4. Poor or lack of content

If you do not post fresh content on a regular basis, the search engines won’t pick up new content to index, in other words, your site will become static. In the same breath, please remember that content published on sites should be relevant to the site’s content.

5. Non-existent Link Profile

Having a good quality link profile should boost your SEO efforts instantly. If you have absolutely no linking strategy in place, you might as well just call it a day and accept the fact that you won’t rank on the first page of search engine results pages.

We hope we’ve informed you of all the things you should avoid for best SEO practices. Do you know any other points that could be added to our list? Tell us in the comment section below.