About Us

About Us

Ceroc Canberra was founded in 2004 by SEO extraordinaire, Tristan Collee. The company started out small with no less than 5 digital specialists and has grown into the mammoth company our clients know and love today.

Even though we primarily focused on SEO in our early days, our service offering has expanded and now includes anything and everything from web development to paid online advertising. You name it, we do it. We keep our employees up to date with all the latest in the digital world and practice a company culture of enlightenment and education.

The company vision is to to provide every small business owner with the correct tools to grow his or her business exponentially by means of SEO and any other digital means necessary to get them where they want to be.

Our clients all agree, that we have the experience and know-how and deliver a service that they can rely on every time. Our level of professionalism outranks any other SEO service provider out there. We revel in catering for smaller businesses and delivering a personalized service that guarantees their success.

After all, our clients’ success reflects our talents and skills! Contact our offices if you would like to discuss your business needs or would like to request a quote.